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Serving Arizona Local Triathlons Since 1999

Tri-Family Racing's Rules / Results / Refund Policy

All Triathlon/Duathlon results will be posted on website no later than 3 weeks after each event, usually sooner. Results will not be mailed out. If for any reason you are not around for AWARD PRESENTATION, and you earn a trophy or ribbon,… it will be YOUR responsibility to contact Race Director (website above) to pick up your medal or ribbon. You may designate someone to pick up award or ribbon for you if you plan not to attend awards presentations. NO MEDALS OR AWARDS WILL BE MAILED OUT !!!! All merchandise awards are given out at Awards presentation; you must be present to win.

REFUND POLICY: There is NEVER A CASH REFUND. On occasion if the Race Director is contacted a minimum of two weeks before the event date, a future comp race entry may be given. This policy is at the Race Directors discretion. Race comp entries must be used in the same year the event is held.

1. WEATHER: The Race Directors retain the right to postpone, or call the race at any time due to weather conditions, In some cases a Duathlon will take the place of the originally called triathlon. In all cases no money will be refunded due to Mother Nature or events beyond Tri-family Racing's control. (Race Director's discretion)

2. HELMETS: Chin straps must be buckled at all times in the bike and transition area. AVOID Unbuckling your helmet unless you are off your bike and your bike is racked in the transition area. Penalty: Disqualification or time penalty at the race director's discretion.

3. OUTSIDE ASSISTANCE: No assistance other than by qualified medical or race director staff is Permitted. Triathlons are individual tests of fitness, be prepared to take care of any problems that may arise, (flat tire, etc.). Penalty: Disqualification or time penalty at the race directors Discretion. Youth Exception: Parents may assist child with any bicycle problems (flats, chain coming off, etc. No Run or swim help !!!!

4. TRANSITION AREA: All equipment must be placed in the properly designated transition area. All participants must return their bike to an upright position upon returning to the transition area. No person shall interfere with another participant's equipment or impede the progress of another participant. No participant shall bring glass into the transition area. No people other than the race volunteers and race entrants are allowed in the transition area. Penalty: Disqualification or time penalty at the race director's discretion.

5. DRAFTING: Each bicycle is an imaginary box. That being the case, the drafting zone is two meters wide and, beginning at the front wheel of the bike, seven meters long (approx. 6'23"). You have 15 seconds to travel through another rider's box when passing. After this time, you are in position foul area and will be penalized. Penalty: If marked down once, by one race volunteer you will be time penalized, if marker down by more than one volunteer, you will be disqualified. Volunteers are NOT REQUIRED TO WARN YOU, DON'T DRAFT!!!!, Triathlons are individual tests of fitness.

6. COURSE: All competitors are required to follow the prescribed course and stay within the cones, flags, or chalk marked course. Knowing the racecourse is the entrants responsibility, please preview race course the day before the triathlon if possible. Cutting the course is an obvious violation, and going outside the course is a safety issue. Cyclists must obey all applicable traffic laws at all times. Penalty: Disqualification Or time penalty at the race director's discretion.

7. UN-SPORTSMAN-LIKE CONDUCT: Foul, harsh, argumentative, or abusive language or other UN-sportsman-like conduct directed at the race officials, directors, volunteers, Police, spectators, or other race entrants is strictly forbidden. Penalty: Automatic disqualification.

8. HEADPHONES: Head phones, Walkman's, or any other type of radio or tape listening device is forbidden during race participation. Penalty: Disqualification or time penalty at the race directors discretion.

9. RACE NUMBERS: All athletes are required to wear race numbers at all times during both the run and the bike ride. Numbers must face the front and be clearly visible at all times. Penalty: Disqualification or time penalty at the race director's discretion.

10. RACECOURSE TIES: If two or more competitors tie (concerning medals or merchandise awards) the race director will do his best to equitably split the merchandise. If the award is a trophy or ribbon, dual trophies or ribbons will be given out.

11. SAFETY: Safety comes first in all Tri-family Racing triathlons, please obey all Police instructions (AND/OR ) Race Director instructions before, during, and after the race. At times this may include added time to your overall time due to having to stop for any number of reasons (all safety related).