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Welcome to Tri-Family Racing

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Results are now posted for the 2016 season, including the Thanksgiving Day race! See if you qualified for the 2016 Arizona Sprint Triathlon championship Series which requires completing at least one of our last two races and being in the top three in your age group. If you still have questions, please see our race rules for series.
Our awards dinner for the championship presentations will begin at approximately 11/11:30am at Carlos O'Brien's Mexican Restaurant in Scottsdale on Sunday December 4, 2016.

Like usual there will be a raffle benefitting Desert Mission. Each race entrant will receive one ticket with additional tickets being sold for your chance to get (3) $250.00 Landis Cylcery gift certificates, (3) $100 Tribe Multisport gift certificates, and forty (yes 40) $25/$50 gift certificates.
We will also have ALL of next year's races on sale for $15 off adults and $5 off youth entries, and to make it even more enticing you will receive two more raffle tickets with each race entry that you sign up for. We will also give one raffle ticket for every three cans of food collected. All food and 100% of the proceeds from the raffle will benefit the Desert Mission.
Needless to say we will be giving out some awesome acrylic plaques to the top three in all age groups, Athena, Clydesdale, and Overall; with gift certificates for each Adult racer that is first in their age group (must be present to receive). No need to RSVP, simply mention you are with the Triathlon awards ceremony.
Show up early, 11am please for the best seating close to the festivities.
Look forward to seeing all of you very soon!

2017 RACES

March 5, 2017 The City of Peoria presents the 7th Annual Adult & Youth Reverse Sprint Triathlon & Duathlon
MINI TRI: 1.5 mi Run, 9 mi bike, 225yd swim
MAXI TRI: 1.5 mi run, 12 mi bike, 425yd swim
MAXI TRI PLUS 3 mi run, 12 mi bike, 625yd swim
MAXI DU Adults: 1.5 Run, 12 mi bike, 1.5 mi run
YOUTH TRI: .5 mi run, 100yd swim, 3 mi bike
MAXI TRI PLUS RELAY Two or three person team

March 26, 2017 Anteater Exterminating Presents The 10th Annual Southwest Valley Family Regional YMCA Olympic & Sprint Adult and Youth Sprint Triathlon/Duathlon
The Swim is in a heated pool!
Olympic TRI: 1600m. Swim, 24 mi Bike, 6.0 mi. Run
Sprint TRI: 400m Swim, 12 mi. Bike, 2 mi. Run
MINI Sprint TRI: 200m Swim, 8 mi. Bike, 2 mi. Run
YOUTH TRI: 100m Swim, 4 mi. Bike, 1/2mi. Run
Sprint DU: 2 mi. Run, 12 mi. bike, 2 mi. Run
Adult two or three person Tri-Relay --- Same distances as Olympic Tri Individual

April 9, 2017 Tribe Multisport Presents The 13th Annual Bartlett Lake Olympic & Sprint Adult Triathlon/Duathlon
Olympic TRI: 1500m. Swim, 24.8 mi Bike, 6.2 mi. Run
Sprint TRI PLUS: 1000m Swim, 12.8 mi. Bike, 4 mi. Run
Sprint TRI: 500m Swim, 12.8 mi. Bike, 2.2 mi. Run
Sprint DU: 2.2 mi. Run, 12.8 mi. bike, 2.2 mi. Run
Adult two or three person Tri-Relay --- Same distances as Olympic Tri Individual

April 23, 2017 The Tri-Family Racing Chandler Adult & Youth Sprint Triathlon/Duathlon
MAXI TRI PLUS: 600y Swim, 16mi Bike, 3mi Run (The Swim takes place in a heated pool)
MAXI TRI: 400y Swim, 12mi Bike, 3mi Run
MINI TRI: 200y Swim, 8mi Bike, 2mi Run
YOUTH TRI: 100y Swim, 4mi Bike, 1/2mi Run
MAXI DU: 2mi Run, 12mi bike, 2mi Run
Adult 2 or 3 person Relay teams = Same distances as MAXI TRI PLUS listed above

July 2, 2017 The 10th Annual Firecracker Southwest Valley Family YMCA Adult & Youth Sprint Triathlon & Duathlon
The Youth & Adult Triathlon swim is in a heated pool!
MAXI TRI PLUS: 2.0 mi. run, 16 mi Bike, 800m. Swim
MAXI TRI: 2.0 mi. run, 12 mi Bike, 400m. Swim
MINI TRI: 2.0 Run, 8.0 mi Bike, 200m. Swim
YOUTH TRI: 1/2mi. run, 4 mi. Bike; Swim 100m.
MAXI DU: 1/2 mi. Run, 12 mi. bike, 2.0 mi. Run
Adult two or three person Tri-Relay --- Same distances as Maxi Tri PLUS Individual

September 10, 2017 the City of Peoria presents the Sports Authority Tribute to the First Responders Adult & Youth Sprint Triathlon & Duathlon
MINI TRI: 225yd swim, 6.0 mi bike, 1.5 mi Run
MAXI TRI: 425yd swim, 9 mi bike, 1.5 mi run
MAXI TRI PLUS 625yd swim, 12 mi bike, 3 mi run
MAXI DU Adults: 1.5 Run, 9 mi bike, 1.5 mi run
YOUTH TRI: 100yd swim, 3 mi bike, .5 mi run
MAXI TRI RELAY Two or three person team


Race Rules: Besides the obvious such as not doing enough laps on the bike, we also do not allow any listening devices during any portion of the race, there is no diving into the pool, all entry will be feet first, everyone must wear a timing chip on their left ankle, everyone must wear their helmet from the time they touch their bikes to the time they re-rack their bike. No un-bucking the helmet as you enter that transition area, please wait until your bike is racked to do that. All swim strokes MUST be always looking forward, no back stroke allowed. The swim exit is defined by exiting at the ladder or the end of the swim lane, failure to do so results in a time penalty or disqualification. When finishing the run (end of race) you need to make sure your race number is on the front of you so we can announce you crossing the finish line. Failure to follow these rules will results in disqualification or a time penalty (race Director’s discretion).


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