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Serving Arizona Local Triathlons Since 1999


Oct 27, 2019 City of Peoria Presents The 10th Annual REVERSE Halloween Sprint Adult & Youth Triathlon/Duathlon

MAXI TRI PLUS: 3mi run, 12mi bike, 625yd swim

MAXI TRI: 1.5mi run, 9mi bike, 425yd swim

MINI TRI: 1.5mi run, 6mi bike, 225yd swim

YOUTH TRI: 1/2 mi run, 3mi bike, 125yd swim

MAXI DU: 1.5mi Run, 9mi bike, 1.5mi Run

Adult RELAY: Adult MAXI PLUS tri distances


Nov 3, 2019 The 2nd Annual Lake Pleasant Olympic & Sprint Triathlon/Duathlon

Olympic TRI: 1500m. Swim, 24.8 mi Bike, 6.2 mi. Run

Sprint TRI PLUS: 1000m Swim, 12.4 mi. Bike, 3.1 mi. Run

Sprint TRI: 500m Swim, 12.4 mi. Bike, 3.1 mi. Run

Sprint DU: 3.1 mi. Run, 12.4 mi. bike, 3.1 mi. Run

Adult 2 or 3 person Tri-Relay --- Same distances as Olympic Tri Individual

Mad Man's Mountain Bike Triathlon 500 m. Swim, 7 mi. trail Ride, 3.1 mi. Run

Mad Man's Mountain Bike Duathlon 3.1 Mi. Run, 7 mi. trail Ride, 3.1 mi. Run